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What's happened to date

Princeton High School Class of '74

A new letter from Martha


Fellow Classmates,


Our senior yearbook listed 420 people.  In the course of this locator effort, I have determined that there is some disparity in actual #s as some really didnt graduate (but were listed in the yearbook) while others did (but were not listed in the yearbook), so no matter how you try to figure it, the following #s will NOT add up to the 420 yearbook classmates!  (I can assure you that I have gone bonkers over trying to make the #s jive, but there are too many nuances!)


All I can give you are these #s from the actual locator effort:


404 found

377 classmates (including 7 early grads in 1973)

            14 classmates who want no further contact (one is early 73 grad)

13 friends of the class (went to PHS, but didnt graduate with us)

10 verified as deceased  L  

10 presumed in error from last directory (still looked for them)

41 missing (includes one early 73 grad, two European non-AFS, one AFS)


465 total to find


% found (less deceased/presumed in error):  91%


After 30 years, I consider this to be a phenomenal success.  I was MOST fortunate to have an INCREDIBLE team who wanted to locate each and every one of you so that we could jointly reflect on our memories of PHS. 


My sincerest thanks to the following wonderful volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to help find you: Ted Baruch (he took two lists), Lisa Horton (Richter), Bob Manduca (he took two lists), Jim Peek and Janice Rosenberg (Buczkowski).  This was a major time-consuming project and these volunteers did so without any type of compensationexcept for your periodic thanks, some laughs, and their hope that we would have a major turnout and bang-up reunion!  My personal thanks and appreciation, Team!  When you see these amazing volunteers at the reunion, please step up and thank them personally for their time and dedication. 


I cant ignore the assistance provided by other classmates in this endeavor: Sheila Servis, Cindy Davison (Clausen), Bette Gavalchin (Farber), Kathy Bellow, John Bowker, Mike White, Dave Gurk, Dave Martin, Nancy Hobler, Jeff Drummond, Denise Farrell (Nowacki), Class of 77, and many others who provided some great leads.  All of you were absolutely great!  Thanks for helping!


During the course of this locator effort, many of you have asked why it took almost 30 years for us to find you.  I wish I could give you a good answer.  Reunions were held for the 10th and 20th.  For the 20th, a reunion organization was hired.  The directory that we inherited had 150 people on it without any information, except for their names, or they were not listed at all...thus; thousands of hours have been expended in trying to locate everyone PERSONALLY for the first time ever. 


I will state, though, shame on me (as your Senior Class Secretary) for not being involved in past reunions.   I knew about them, but never offered any assistance.   I will take my licksbut I would like to think that I have made up, for my past indifference by tackling this endeavor with a vengeance to ensure all possible classmates were found and informed of this reunion.


Special kudos need to be given to Bob Manduca.  Not only was Bob an integral part of the locator effort, and an OUTSTANDING private eye in tracking you down, but, of his own volition, he took the extra step to provide this website for our class.  I would hope that everyone who attends the reunion, and even if you just read this online, will tell Bob how much you appreciate his efforts as this is truly a wonderful resource for now and the future.

Though no guarantee, Bob and I are presently determined that we will try to continue to keep the website and class directory up-to-date until the next reunion.  This evolution was truly a nightmare and we dont want anyone to ever have to start from scratch again in trying to find you.  However, this will depend on YOU, our classmates, to keep us informed!  So if you move, change your email, change your spouse or change ANYTHING, please let us know.


My best,


Martha Dorgan

1974 Senior Class Secretary/2004 Reunion Head Locator






A letter from Kathy

Dear Classmate,

It's been 30 years since we tossed up our caps and bid a farewell to PHS.  It's time for all of us to come together again and celebrate our 30th reunion for the Class of 1974.


Please join a class celebration on SATURDAY, JULY 31, 2004 at the Radisson Hotel, 4355 Route 1 South at Ridge Road in Princeton. Come see old friends, chat, dance, and share memories.

The celebration will begin with an informal get together Friday night,
July 30, 2004 at Good Time Charley's in Kingston NJ from 9PM - 1 AM. There will be a $15 cover charge at the door to cover the cost of the room and the Ernie White Band ( We are fortunate to have some extraordinary musicians in our class and they have been invited to jam with the band.  If you are interested in jammin, call Tom Stange at (609) 683-1328.

Saturday night cocktails at the Radisson will begin at
7 PM. Dinner and DJ music for dancing will begin at 8 PM ending around 11PM.  A cash bar will be available.  Please indicate the number of guests who plan to attend and their choice of entree on the attached RSVP sheet.  Reservations are limited to the first 220 people to register, so please RSVP as soon as possible. Even if you are unable to attend, please fill out the RSVP/Information sheet so we can include you in the reunion booklet. 

The cost is $85 per person if the RSVP is received before
May 1, 2004.
RSVP's received between May 1 and July 1 cost is $90 per person.
Any RSVP received between July 2 and July 15 cost is $95 per person.
Checks should be made payable to PHS 30TH and sent to Kathy Froehlich,
835 Madison Avenue, Cary, NC 27513. The RSVP sheet must be included with your check. 

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Radisson, with rates starting at $89 single to quad. Rates are subject to applicable NJ and local taxes, currently billing at 14%.  The deadline to reserve a room at this rate is
July 9, 2004. After that date, the rooms are available to the public at the standard room rate.  Reserve your room by calling the hotel directly at (609) 452-2400 or (800) 333-3333. Individuals must identify themselves as being with the group at the time the reservation is made in order to receive the special group rate.

Let's have some fun!  On Saturday night, PLEASE bring some kind of memorabilia from the state you currently live in or the company you work for. Examples: t-shirt, coffee mug, baseball hat, etc. - use your imagination.  Be sure to include a tag on your gift stating who brought the gift and from which state. These will be given out throughout the evening.

Martha Dorgan has been heading up a team of "locators" to find all of our classmates.  They have done an EXCELLENT job locating all of you.  There are still 42 missing classmates. If you know of someone who may not have been contacted about the reunion, please ask them to email Martha at or visit the website kindly provided by Bob Manduca at 


Please join us and encourage your classmates to do the same and help us to make this a weekend to remember!





Kathy Froehlich 



At the present time the Class Officers have no comments.

We all owe Martha Dorgan a debt of thanks for being the driving force behind locating so many of our classmates.   Thanks Martha!

Class Secretary