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Bulletin Board

Princeton High School Class of '74

The Bulletin Board page is a place to offer news and announcements about classmates, and also to let members communicate with each other.

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Reunion July 31, 2004


Any classmate who would like a link to their personal home page, please click here to forward the link.   Web link 

Bonita Liverman (Leadem)

Checkout Bonita's Book.  Seems like she writes books aimed at women, which is funny because a lot of guys from our class are fans too :).  Click here to visit her publisher's site.


Jon Cogan earns fame and distinction riding his mountain bike over environmentally sensitive portions of the Grand Canyon.    Jon represents the fiercely independent nature of the class of 74.    Write your congressman and ask the US government to please give him back his bike!  Click on the picture for more details.


Click here to watch Jon's interview on The Learning Channel 

2.5 min. into TV SHOW... Click Here 28.8 Video
 Keith Rendall displays an extraordinary talent as a print maker.    Click here to visit his gallery.

Andrea Murphy

While PHS may have had several Soap Opera Queens, Andrea was the real deal with a sucessful run on All My Children.      She went on to roles on Australian TV, most notably a series called, of all things, Heartbreak High School, where she played the Principal.     Her most recent foray on the big screen was in a movie called Strange Planet.  Click here to watch the trailer.      In addition, she found time to coauthor a book with her brother called the Griffon Trilogy.   Click here  to read a review on












Jan Ziolkowski chairs the Committee on Medieval Studies at Harvard.   Click here to view his lectures which are both informative and humorous.   In the first episode Jan recounts the delightful story of a Medieval academic whos students use their pens to stab him to death.    No word on what they did for extra credit.







Margaret Levine Young writes best selling computer book titled The Internet for Dummies.     If you go to her web site she will share much useful information, including a very good chocolate chip cookie recipe.  <click here>  






Jonathan Freedman, Professor of Pharmacology at Northeastern University, studies how neurotransmitters receptors modulate ion channels in the central nervous system. His particular interests are dopamine receptors, because of dopamine's possible involvement in schizophrenia and other mental disorders, and opiate receptors.    Jon spends much of his day working with morphine-dependent rats, an all too common workplace phenomena for many of us fellow classmates.  Looking at the positive side he states "At least I don't have to deal with lawyers."   Click here to visit his Labs web site.  



Next time you are flying at 30,000 feet, order a glass of wine and salute the delightful Laura Widing.   In fact, if you are on Continental, its her wine youre drinking.  Youll be tipping your glass to Laura Widing, Wine Expert & Buyer, Continental Airlines.









To all the de-motivational bureaucrats who said we didnt have a prayer, we said NUTS!    But who knew Stevie Towns would show them literally!  Visit his web site , sign the guest book and leave a glorious Amen.           







The Month in Review

Here, we will post comments we've received from classmates about the activities and direction during the past month or mention some noteworthy events that occurred.


Happy Ending


Mary Shoemaker weds Stewart Mittnacht, Jr.  April 10, 2004


Mary Shoemaker Mittnacht (formerly Case) and Stewart Mittnacht, Jr. had either one of the shortest or longest of courtships, depending on how it is viewed.  They first met in 1972, when Stewart then a junior at Princeton University interviewed Mary then a junior at Princeton High School as a prospective American Field Service exchange student.  The interview was successful in all respects Mary went with AFS to Morocco in 1973, and Mary and Stewart became fast friends, then fell in love and dated for about a year.  The relationship fell victim to distance and what then seemed like an enormous age gap, as Mary went off to Harvard and Stewart graduated from Princeton (Ivy League rivalries had nothing to do with it) and started working in Philadelphia.  28 years passed with no contact.


Then on Christmas Day, 2003, Mary and her sister, Barbara Shoemaker (also a Princeton alumna) stumbled across an old picture of Stewart.  In response to Marys nostalgic I wonder whats hes doing and how he is, Barbara found Stewarts email address on the Princeton alumni website and goaded Mary into sending him a note, which he received when he returned to the office on January 5.  A few emails and phone calls, a get-together in New York the weekend of January 10,  and the 28-year hiatus was over.  They married in New York on April 10, and will reside there.


Happy Couple

Another 1st for PHS alumni

While fellow classmates have found fame in academia, TV, movies, music and the arts, Sebbie Buhler is the first to find her way onto a bottle of beer!     Let's congratulate her on this ground breaking accomplishment.