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Princeton High School Class of '74




Say what??

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Photos of the get together at Goodtime Charley's

On July 31, 2004 Princeton High School Class of '74 held its 30th Reunion.   A good time was had by all.   The evening started with a reception pool side.   Incredibly no one fell in, a sheer impossibility in our younger days.     Once sufficiently lubricated we shuffled into the main room where Dave Ridell offered a benediction in which our departed classmates were remembered. 


Prizes were awarded to the following classmates:


Traveled farthest:     Cathy Watson  Uganda

1st to register:          George Grant

74th to register:        Frank Silverstein

Oldest Grand Kid     Jim Chambers

Newlywed                Mary Shoemaker (Mittnacht)

                                April 10th


A surprise phone call was placed to Martha Dorgan and piped through the DJ’s sound system.  


Dinner followed by dancing and revelry.


Like a fine wine, many of our classmates had not only gotten older, but also gotten better with the passing years.

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408 Classmates found

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A quick note of thanks to everyone for all the great calls and emails over the past ten months.     People contacted me with advice on everything from spelling & grammar (I went to PHS after all) to clues of the whereabouts of missing classmates.   This site was originally thrown together on a lark, assembled with the technical equivalent of duct tape to look like a web site more then really be one.    Like most things that get out of hand, the suggestions and encouragement of friends like Martha, Beth, Pat, Renee, John, Judy and many others was key in keeping me at this till we actually had something.    Thank you all!    It’s been fun.   Bob