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Missing Page

Princeton High School Class of '74


Audrey Allen (Healy)—last address was 8 Brookstone Drive, Irvine, CA 92714; 949-552-6611.  # is no good.  Husband’s name is Steve Healy.  Email was but is no good now and no new email address on reverse lookup.  Tried M.E. Allen in Princeton Junction at 609-936-7330; not related.  Tried A.C. Allen in Princeton Junction at 609-799-1569…not related.  Help!  From Dave Martin, she lives in Murrietta, CA.  Phone is supposedly 909-461-1223.  Called and left message on 11/12, but don’t think this is a good #.  Resent Dave another email on 11/21 as finally found this # is no good; not related!  Found out # he had is bad.  Have no idea what to try now.  John Bowker says address in Irvine, CA still shows as valid so sent letter on 3/31.  Letter NOT returned to date!


Blair Allen--- tried possible sister Pam (’78) at 609-921-7831. Left message.  Not related.  College?  Jon Cogan says Blair lives in Oakland, CA.  Tried all B. Allen’s listed on and #’s are either disconnected or wrong person.  Blair’s middle name “might” be Douglas.


Suzanne Anderson---address from 1994 directory is 743 Goodyear Drive, Spring Lake, NC 28390.  No # given.  Nothing in 2000 directory.  Possible brothers are Peter ’75 in Princeton Junction at 609-799-1399 (have tried numerous times….no answering machine!) or Timothy, also ’75, in Dayton, OH at 937-439-9457.  Tim is NOT related…but we had a great phone call!  J  John Bowker says address in Spring Lake, NC might still be good.  Sent letter on 3/31.  Letter returned 4/12.  Don’t know what else to try.


Martha Armiger (Connolly)—old address was 1708 Brian Court, Crofton, MD 21114; no phone #.  Nothing in 2000 directory.  Think new address might be 1776 Rochester St., Crofton, MD 21114; 410-721-1776.  Left message on 10/29.  Nope……this is NOT a good address or phone # as I called back.  This Martha Connolly is from Peru.  Need help!  Left message for a David Armiger in Trenton on 4/6 to see if possibly related.  Nothing to date.


Tami Batterton—last address was 4100 NE 20th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308; 305-565-2787.  Nothing in 2000 directory.  Phone # doesn’t work and no Battertons listed in Fort Lauderdale.   Need help here!  John Bowker says Ft. Lauderdale address still shows as good so sent letter on 3/31.  Letter NOT returned to date.


Susan Clement (Nehila)---last address was 42713 Highway 226, Scio, OR 97374. She was big time into horses.  Martha left message at Pendleton, OR address (541-278-8636) on 9/27.  No response.  Sent letter to address in Scio to see if it could be forwarded on 10/21.  Letter returned on 10/31.  Unless someone knows where she is/attended college, we’re dead in the water.  Kim Switzgable says Sue went to Cook College.  Sent email to Cook alumni association on 11/10; no response.  John Bowker found possible address…2111 Quail Run Ave., Stayton, OR 97383.  Sent letter 3/31.   Letter returned 4/8.  Don’t know what else to try.


Larry Copper---last addresses we had were 1243 E. State St. and 7 Hollywood Avenue, both in Trenton.  Phone for both was good.  We need help.


Keith Carney—Tried Daniel Carney in Princeton at 609-987-9386.  No good.  Per Bob, his family used to own the Trenton Time, but no longer.  Both parents are presumed deceased.  HELP!!!!!!!  11/10—Per a lead, I sent email to Dana Bernarde to see if she has any info; she didn’t, but it was worth a shot.  HELP!


Suzann Cassidy---Bob sent email to many Suzann Cassidys without luck.  We don’t even know where to start looking.  Help!


Lisa Damon---early ’73 grad.  Asked to find by Connie Wellnitz.  Said Lori Arcamone was a good friend.  Lori thinks Lisa went to Beloit College.  Sent email to Beloit on 3/28.  3/29---Beloit is sending email on to her last mailing address.  No response from Lisa to date.


Kristen Davis (Anderson)---last known address was 239 Carroll Canal, Venice, CA.  Phone # 310-831-1513 is no good.   Mailed letter to this address on 10/13 in hopes it would be forwarded.  Letter was returned.  Have no idea where to look now.  HELP!  John Bowker gave me a new #...310-827-1490.  Business #.  Left a message on 4/4.  No response.  Don’t know what else to try.


Katherine Detwiler---35 Chicoppe Drive, Princeton.  609-924-4423.  No Katherine at that #.  Terri Pinelli sent potential email to her.  No response.  Beth Olney says last she knew she was in Texas.  Still can’t find her. 


Dan Fortney—no Fortneys in Princeton. College?  Have no idea where to start looking for him.  Supposedly from West Windsor but can’t find any Fortneys in the area.


Debbie Gaylord (Gentil)---Husband: Eduardo---now living in Brazil.  Parents may still be in Princeton (father---John?); brother is Jack ’76 in Bel Air, MD; 410-569-4820.  Left messages with ex sis in-law on 10/16, 10/23 anad 11/2.  She was to contact Debbie’s brother, Jack, to have him get in touch.  Brother has not gotten in touch!  I just can’t get past this point!  Followed new leads…folks used to live on Braeburn Avenue in Princeton; none online.  Sister is Susie who lives in Boston area.  Eliese Keigler to see if her (Eliese’s) brother has ever had contact with Debbie’s sister.  Per Sally Goldfarb, an old address was Rua Canada 591, 01436 Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.  Sent letter on 11/14.  Letter not returned.  Heard she’s now in CA.  Email sent to her spouse.  No response to date.   From Margy Levine, trying work address, in Brazil, for her husband:  Eduardo Gentil at Goldman, Sachs & Companhia, Av. Pres. Juscelino, Kubitscheck , 510-6th Floor, 04543-000 Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Sent letter on 4/19.  No response received and letter not returned.


Anna B. Gylfason—no Gylfasons in online white pages in NJ!  Have no idea where to start looking!  HELP!!!!!!!!!  John Bowker did a national search for Gylafsons between 45-50 and found two.  Tried #’s for Bergsveinn in Hollywood, FL and Olafur in Orlando, FL.    Not related.  Olafur told me to try #’s in Iceland as not a lot of Gylfasons there.  I’m willing to do most anything to locate people, but that’s even too far out for me to attempt!

Stephen Harrison—on (read email; no response).  Too many Harrisons to try!  Resent email via Classmates on 9/16 and 3/15.  No response.  Supposedly had a brother, John, a couple years younger than us.  Haven’t been able to trace him yet.


Ruth Helman—tried D and M Helman at 609-734-9054.  Not related.  College?  Per Pippa Palmer, she went to Smith.  Was only at PHS for about two years.  Last address Pippa had was in Boston.  Sent email to Smith on 11/13.  No response from Smith.


Donald Hoffman---26 Hoffman’s in Princeton!  Tried D. Hoffman at 609-924-7474.  No luck.  Possibly in Fair Haven, NJ.  Tried 732-741-5523…business #.  Did not leave message.  Tried a D. Hoffman at 101 Willow Street in Fair Haven at 732-219-1729 and left a message on 9/2.  The Don Hoffman in Fair Haven is NOT ours!  Margy Levine to ask her in-laws if they know where the Hoffmans moved to.  Resent email to Margy on 10/1 asking for assist.   Her in-laws are out of country for a month so gotta wait til they get back.  Per Beth Olney, he became a train conductor.  I left a message on 10/7 with Kathleen ’67 in Kendall Park to see if she was related.  Kathleen emailed me…not related.  Beth thought older sister’s name was Heidi, but can’t find one listed.  Beth has tried many railways and still not found him.  Sent email to Margy on 10/31 to see if her in-laws are back to see if they might know where his parents relocated.  Margy sent me her dad in-law’s email address.  Sent email to him on 11/2.  Dr. Young says last he knew Donald’s parents moved to West Windsor area.  Thinks his mom passed 25 years ago.  Sent another email asking if he remembers Donald’s dad’s name. He didn’t remember the dad’s name but old address was either 129 or 139 Meadowbrook Drive.  Trying to see if we can find an old Princeton phone directory to get his dad’s first name…no luck!   I tried the two Donald Hoffman’s online in the Princeton area (609-758-1980 (left a message) and 609-409-8210 (not related)).  Gotta throw in the towel.



Keith Hunt—8 Hunts in Princeton.  College?  Possible brother is Stephen Hunt, 16 Robertford Rd., Watertown, MA 02472.  Didn’t get anywhere.  Asked Bruce Piper’s sis, Pam ‘77, to help me on 9/25.  That’s the last address ’77 had on the brother.  ’77 people emailed a couple of their classmates on 9/30 to see if they had brother’s info.  Got a phone # from ’77 people and…shoot, I talked to Steve Hunt ’77 and he’s NOT related to Keith.  Steve’s siblings were Cynthia ’73 and Dave (younger than ’77) so not to be contacted.  At a total dead end here!  HELP!!!  Heard he’s in Hopewell, NJ and John Bowker was able to find him at 93 Hopewell-Pennington Road.  Unfortunately, this Keith Hunt graduated from PHS in 1971 NOT 1974!  L  We’re at a loss as to what else to try.


John Krueger---tried Alan at 609-497-0575.  Left message on 9/2.  No response.  College?  Per L. Shea Dimock, Jill Berkelhammer might have info.  Emailed Jill on 12/11…she doesn’t have any info.  Help!


Anna Lewis---possible brother is Jeffrey (’73) at 29 Bainbridge, Princeton; 609-297-4191.  Phone # is no good.  Per Bob Manduca, her brother is David and they lived near Princeton Shopping Center.  Tried David (’81) at 856-234-8580…not related.  Tried David E. on Hartley Ave in Princeton at 609-252-9788…not related.  HELP!


Dan Logan---nine Logans in Princeton.  Left message at Dan Logan, 4 Enfield Circle in Princeton Jct., 08550 at 609-275-4797 on 9/13.  No response.  He supposedly lived around the corner from PHS off a street off of Franklin.  ’76 had a possible, brother,  Mike Logan, in Jackson, NJ; no # listed.  I tried looking online and could not find one in Jackson.  HELP!  Also, supposedly, had a sister named, Naomi ’72 or ‘73.  No clue where to find her.  Tried Hal ’69; not related.  Help!  Supposed Dan’s brother, Mike, went to Clarke College near Boston…but I can find no such college there.  His sister, possibly went to Yale, but unsure so did not pursue this.


David Loy---AFS Australia.  Found a couple David Loy’s online so sent email on 3/30 to one on the Faculty of International Studies in Japan and one to the U. of CA!  Nothing heard to date.  Heard he might go by Chris.  I don’t have a good starting point.


Irene Melassanos---none in Princeton.  Left message at Leon in Hightstown at 609-683-4264.  Left another message on 4/8.  No response.  Don’t know where to start looking.


Kathleen Michel------we have no data where to start to try looking for her!  Can anyone help?


Joan Reeves Mitchell---none in Princeton Junction.  Possible sister is Lydia ’76 in Arlington, VA.  Called on 10/7—not related.  John Bowker sent info that her address might be 708 Park Ave, Apt B1, Shelby, NC 28150.  Sent letter 3/31.  Letter returned 4/13.  Have no idea where else to look.


Sharon Neilland---none in Princeton.  College?  Help!


Brett Amanda Orr---19 Bank St., Princeton.  609-730-1417 (phone disconnected).  Tried K. Orr at 609-520-2007…not related.  College?  Help!


Gillian Parsons---heard she probably returned to England.  No idea where to start looking.  Think we need to throw in the towel.


Anne Y. Poitrineau---on old directory list but NOT in yearbook.  Sent email via as she’s listed.  Sent two emails, but not read.  Don’t know where else to start.  She was AFS (but not sure from what country) or if she was actually in our class.


Carolyn Sue Roessel---No Roessel’s listed in Princeton Junction.  Per Aline Ruch, Carolyn went to Douglass College.  She is now supposed to be married and living in VA.  Sent email to Douglass on 10/12…have heard nothing to date.  Possible brother is David ’72.  Called a David in DC; 202-293-1941 on 10/23 and 11/6 and left messages; no response to date.  Finally talked to her sis-in-law (at the DC #) on 12/ to pass my contact info on!  Carolyn is still in NJ, but has a married name…couldn’t get that data!  Recalled to DC on 1/19 and 3/15 and left more messages.  Either info is not being passed to Carolyn or Carolyn doesn’t want contact.


Debbie Romero---Tried Anna in Princeton at 609-430-0872…not related.  Tried C. in Princeton at 609-924-7902…not related.  Help!


Leigh Ruderman—Called Richard in Princeton at 609-497-0860…not related.  Help!  John Bowker sent info that address could be 100 Dolores St, San Francisco, CA 94103 or 1 Washington Square Village, NY, NY 10012.  Sent letters to both addresses on 3/31. 

Letter to NYC address returned on 4/10; San Fran one returned 4/15.  No idea what else to try!


John Schwartz----former address was 1708 Timber Creek, Lindenwold, NJ 08201; 856-435-6554.  Phone no good.  Last address was 381 Millbridge Apartments, Clementon, NJ 08021.  856-309-3468.  Phone # no good.  Mailed letter to last address on 10/13.  Letter was returned on 10/30.  Per John Bowker, possible address is 1801 Laurel Road, Unit 1708, Lindenwold, NJ 08021.  Sent letter on 3/31.  Letter NOT returned to date.


Charles Smith---40 Bertrand Drive in Princeton; 609-924-8464.  No answer.  Will try again.  Retried 9/2, 10/13 and 11/14…no answer.  # was busy when I tried 11/14, but when I called back; no answer.  Per Nancy Bartels, his folks probably still live at this address.  Tried again on 11/17, 11/19 and 11/21...still no answer.  # is periodically busy when I call, and when I call shortly after and it rings, no one picks up.  Sheila Servis stopped by the address twice over Thanksgiving weekend; no one home so she left a note in the door to get in contact with us.  Heard from the resident at 40 Bertrand Drive…not related and no idea where the Smiths are.  No idea what else to try.


Leah M. Smith—on  Email unread.  Resent email via Classmates on 9/16 and 3/15.  No response.  I “think” her last name is now Nelson and she might be in Ohio, but don’t have a good starting point as the last name is too common.  Help!


Shari Strickland—None in Princeton Junction.  Per Paul Campbell, she went to Emory University.  Sent email to Alumni Assn on 9/22.  No response to date.  Help!  Resent email to Emory on 11/21.  No response from Emory.  Have no idea what else to try.


Richard (Ricky) Terry---48 Amberly Ct., Franklin Park, NJ 08823.  No phone listed.  No Richard Terrys on online white pages in Franklin Park.  Help!  Sent letter on 11/1 to last address known.   Letter NOT returned!   Resent letter to this same address on 4/1.  Letter returned on 4/8!  L  Help!  Jon Cogan says that Rick lives in North Carolina, but too many Richard Terrys there for me to even start a valid search.  Now told, by Jon, that he was married at some point to Teresa Lynch from our class.  I’ve asked her to tell me where he might be.  Waiting.


Eric Whelan---definite brother is Roger (’75) in Raleigh, NC; 919-788-8994.  Phone is not in service for incoming calls…called on 11/6…# is now for a Michael Harris.  Don’t know where to try now for Roger. L  Left message on 10/3 for an Eric M. Whelan at 724-543-4106 in Kettanning, PA.  Wrong Eric Whelan!  L  Mike White to try to help on Hightstown area Whelans.  Left a message with Mark, who used to live on Harvard Circle in Princeton, on 10/19 at 908-874-6816…called back; not related.  Asked Dave Gurk if he could see if his folks have any more info.  Per Dave, Eric’s brother’s name is Roger.  Dave provided some more info to try.  Tried Eric C. Whelan in Hightstown at 609-426-0188; no answer/no machine.  Retried again on 11/6; finally got in touch…not him!  Left message at CPA business for Eric M. Whelan at 609-259-6400, in Trenton, on 11/2; he emailed me…wrong Eric Whelan.  Per Dave, his family attended the First Presbyterian Church on Nassau Street.  Dave checked.  Lastest Whelan’s in the church are not related!   We just cannot find him.  Per John Bowker, possible address is 2116 Crossing Drive, Greenfield, IN 46140.  Sent letter 3/31.  Letter returned on 4/10.  Tried to find his bro, Roger, in NC.  # for Roger in Raleigh is no longer any good.  Tried a # for a R.P. Whelan in Advance, NC.  Not related.  Help!


Judy Wolkenstein—none in Princeton.  College?  Possible last name may be now be Willingham, but not sure.  Per John Bowker, address might be RR1 Box 400, Ashley Falls, MA 01222.  Sent letter 3/31.  Letter returned on 4/8.  No idea what else to try!


Not sure if these people graduated with us in 1974 or not, but were asked to find the following by Lynn Killam:


Zarrin-Taj Foster---per Lynn she went to Tufts.  Sent email to Tufts Alumni Assn on 4/26.  No response received from Tufts.  Her dad last lived in Hawaii but is now deceased.


Laurie Rubin---possible siblings may be Naomi ’76 and Miriam ’79 at 66 Cuyler Road in Princeton.  Also there is a Richard ’70 in California.  Asked Lynn to see if any of this info rings a bell.  Heard that she used to live on Moore Street, but am now under the impression that she had no siblings so don’t know where to start.